Prepaid Funerals

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Reasons To Prepay Your Funeral

Preplanning your funeral makes sense. It takes the emotional stress off your family, locks in your funeral cost at today’s price, and allows you to plan things your way. Then you can relax, knowing your money is held safely in a trust while you get on with enjoying life to the full.

Chipper Funerals offers Australia's leading prepaid funeral plan. All of the benefit goes towards the funeral and the money is secure in a trust. A prepaid funeral is a safe and secure option that offers value for money and better service.

Prepaying your funeral takes the responsibility away from your family and gives you peace of mind. It is paid for at today’s prices and incurs no further costs when the holder of the prepaid contract dies. Not only a sound financial decision, a prepaid funeral also allows you to plan the service you want.

The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions. Once paid in full there is no more to pay unless additional inclusions are incurred.

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Beth & Frank: Preplan Your Funeral, Then Get Back To Enjoying Life

What Do I Need To Do – Making My Wishes Known

When it comes to prepaying a funeral service you will need to make important choices such as the style and venue for the funeral service, your selection of coffin or casket, whether to be cremated or buried, what memorial arrangements need to be made such as a vault, single burial or family plot, and which cemetery or memorial garden to use.

Whatever your wishes are, Chipper's team has the experience, care and professionalism to create a peronalised service. We have been arranging funerals for the families of Western Australia for over 125 years.