A Funeral from Chipper

A Funeral from Chipper

A Chipper funeral is a celebration of a life, as well as being a time to mourn and grieve. We understand how important it is to create a service that is unique and special, and so we spend time with the family and listen closely to their wishes.

We provide professional advice and support at all times, and we will fully explain the choices available regarding rituals, procedures, coffins, catering, flowers, memorialisation and other services, to ensure that the appropriate decisions are made.

We are a full service funeral home, ready to provide your family with the personalised service your loved one deserves, and that meets your family's needs. From a full traditional service to the most unique memorial service, basic direct cremation, long distance transfers or helping return a loved one to their family cemetery.

We can arrange a member of the clergy, or a celebrant, the necessary doctor's papers, a copy of the death certificate from the registrar and press notices advising relatives and friends of the funeral details.

Personalising Funerals

There are many ways a service can be personalised to the life of the person who has passed away. We will encourage you to make the service special for it is the attention to detail and all of the personal elements we provide that will make the service memorable and unique. 


Chipper Funerals has many years experience in providing a repatriation service that assists families who wish their loved one to be buried, or cremated, back in their homeland or hometown.

We are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge of many different funeral customs and procedures. We will liaise with all relevant State and Federal Government departments, as well as the Consul-General of another country, hospital, police and the coroner’s office, should the situation call for it.

We will secure all the documents needed in arranging the repatriation.

With our reliable services, you can be sure that your loved one is brought back safely to his or her home country or town so that they can be transferred to a local Chipper funeral director’s care.

A Chipper Funerals catering at the home after a service

After Funeral Functions

At the end of a funeral, spending time with family and friends can be very healing. While the funeral service itself often provides a sense of closure, spending some time in the company of friends and family can be the perfect occasion for sharing stories, memories and feelings about your loved one. It also provides an ideal opportunity to renew friendships and relationships.

Our condolence facilities include comfortable lounge space with full catering facilities and audio visual technology. If you want to arrange an after-service gathering in a larger venue, we are happy to make the venue arrangements.

Contact your nearest Chipper Funerals home to discuss how we can make a family gathering special.

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